The Roaring 20's

It was a boom time for the nation, and for Florida! The Roaring Twenties saw a land rush in the Sunshine State like no other. Houses, resorts, campgrounds, amenities, and the promise of paradise was on offer. And the country at large was going through some of the largest cultural changes in history. Everyone knows about prohibition and the flapper! It was certainly an exciting time, and today, one hundred years after the events that kicked off the only decade to get its own name, you can experience the thrill and promise of America in the 1920's! Your guide will take you to some of Tampa's most significant 1920's buildings, you'll have the chance to enjoy cocktails (if the coppers ain't watchin'), you'll learn about the land boom in Tampa, learn the Charleston if you like (because the guide is a champion Charleston dancer) and learn about those major changes that have shaped American culture to this day. If you took a juke joint on the road, it would be this tour!

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